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Popular points of interest near Apartment Ilma Sarajevo include Sebilj Fountain, Eternal Flame in Sarajevo and Sarajevo National Theatre. Sarajevo International Airport is 7 km away and bus station and railway is 2.4km away.

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Sarajevo in Ottoman Empire

Ottoman era begins in 1461 when the city was founded by the first Bosnian governor Ishak-beg Isaković (Ishak Bay Isaković), a pioneer in planned construction. He had the Careva džamija (Emperor’s Mosque) built first; followed by Tekija (Khanqah), lodgings, administrative center and housing court he named Saraj, which is how Sarajevo got its name.

In Baščaršija, he builds Kolobara Han (Kolobara Inn), a hotel in modern terms, which was soon surrounded by a multitude of shops creating the economic basis for the development of the city.


Sarajevo in Austro-Hungarian Empire

Bosnia and Herzegovina falls under the Austro-Hungarian administration after Berlin Congress in 1878. The Bosnian nation offered armed resistance which was broken on 19 August 1878 when the Austrians marched into the city. Two Empires, one leaving – the Ottomans, and the other arriving – the Austro-Hungarians, seemed to be almost competing in the area around Šeher-Ćehaja Bridge.


Olympics Sarajevo

International sports competition, XIV Winter Olympic Games Sarajevo ’84 was the largest and most interesting sporting event ever held in former Yugoslavia. Until then, Sarajevo had not developed facilities for winter sports on snow and ice. There were 2 modest ski lifts and one hotel on Jahorina, but everyone was aware that both Jahorina and Bjelašnica had extremely favorable resources for the development of winter sports.


Trebević Cable Car

Trebević is one of the top tourist attractions in the Sarajevo Canton and one of the favorite picnic spots among locals. It is famed as the lungs of the city so Sarajevans do not miss any opportunity they get to spend a wonderful time taking a walk in the mountain whose highest point is at 1627 meters above sea level. Apart from the beauty of nature and a mountain ambience suitable for waking and cycling, this is a place where you can find hotels, mountain lodges, an amusement park…



If you decide to use public city transport, you will have a tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus network that will allow you to reach any significant location in Sarajevo. The city transport ticket is mandatory and you can buy it on kiosks (1,60 KM) or by driver (1,80 KM). The card must be annulled after entering the vehicle.


Place to eat

Sarajevo restaurants are characterised by a high level of service, and most of them offer a diverse and so-called ‘international’ cuisine. The quality of food is very good and the prices are generally favourable.